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Alien Contamination An 80s Sci Fi Film You’ve Never Heard Of For Good Reason

Alien Contamination is an 80s sci fi movie that I’d never heard of until recently. I thought it’d be cool to look into some sci fi movies that I’d never seen before, and this one popped up – so it’s too bad that it wasn’t a better movie. Before watching it, I read that there were a lot of comparisons between it and the 1979 film Alien. I wanted to think that the comparisons were unjust, and overall I’d say they are. The storylines are completely different – although the alien eggs look somewhat similar. But let’s get on to the movie.

An unmanned ocean freighter finds its way into a New York City harbor. The ship is loaded down with coffee – or so you’d think. The coffee boxes are actually filled with alien eggs (which, as mentioned before, look incredibly similar to those from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien.) When the eggs become warm, they begin emitting a warning sound and eventually explode. The eggs contain “100% acid” – which apparently causes anyone that comes in contact with it to explode.

We later find out that these eggs came from outer space, via an expedition to Mars. One of the two astronauts on the trip ends up being mind-controlled by the alien, and now he is compelled to do it’s bidding, which is apparently spreading these eggs all around the globe via a fake coffee company.

A government agent, a cop and the “sane” astronaut from the expedition set out to track down the source of the eggs and rid the world of this threat.

I’ll just get it out of the way. This movie sucks.
I know that some people are drawn to gore, but Alien Contamination has maybe three explode-y scenes and they aren’t impressive to say the least. So I doubt anyone would watch this for the “gore factor.” The special effects are super low budget – there’s an alien at the end, but the set was so dark that I couldn’t even make out what shape it was. The eggs are probably the best looking effect this movie has.

The story is incomprehensible. These eggs are discovered, along with some bodies, and suddenly this is a national security threat? I mean, I understand that it would have to be dealt with, but there is no real conflict until the last 15 minutes of the movie. Since heat causes the eggs to explode, they should be relatively inactive in New York. For most of the movie, the characters are running down random leads without any sort of plan. Then, when they eventually find the alien’s lair, it’s in South America? I’m not sure how that works either – a tropical climate doesn’t seem like the best place for these exploding eggs.

I also want to talk about how misogynistic the men are in Alien Contamination. The first time we meet the female government agent, the police character is treating her like a moron. He literally says “I’m freezing my nuts off, babe!!” What? And aside from calling her “babe” and “broad”, another guy actually slaps her in the face because she said something he didn’t like! After slapping her, he says “Now that we’re on the same page” or something of that nature, and the woman acts like she’s not phased at all! WHAT?! And again later, one man comments to another “What a waste of a woman!” Maybe I wouldn’t be as surprised at things like this in the 40s or 50s, but in the 80s I thought the situation was a bit better than this.

So I’ll say it again – it’s really a shame that this movie didn’t turn out better than it did. I guess there’s only so much that can be done with a shoestring budget, but the storyline was boring and the acting was atrocious. The only positive I could find with this movie was the soundtrack, and even that was only enticing in a weird, nostalgic sort of way. I’d stay away from this one at all costs.

1/5 stars

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