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Asian Girls Portrayal in Hollywood

How does Hollywood portray Asian girls? The question has many answers, depending on who you ask. If you ask most Asian women, they agree that Hollywood tends to have a distorted view of how Asian women should be portrayed. They are typically either portrayed as being the “yes sir” women most men fantasize about, or being the sex bombs that are not appreciated or respected. Of course, this is only a generalization. There are a few films that show Asian girls in a true to life setting.

The truth is that Asian actresses are letting this happen. When they take on these roles, they are allowing Hollywood to be stereotypical and set them in only one type of acting role. Although they are likely thrilled to get work, as almost any actress is at first, they are allowing themselves to create the Hollywood view of Asian actresses overall.

So, the next time the Asian community thinks about criticizing the Hollywood elite for placing Asian girls in the sexy or subservient roles, they should also think about criticizing the actresses that allow themselves to be subject to the roles.

When Asian actresses stop allowing this to happen to them, they may be shocked to find they can get roles without having to play out the sex symbol or the servant. Then Hollywood will start slowly conforming its way of thinking about Asian girls and start taking them more seriously as actresses. Until then, Hollywood will likely keep on thinking of them as being sexy or weak and cast them as such.

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