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Bollywood News Latest By Bollywoodchaska

Bollywood is a synonym used to describe Hindi film industry. It is based in Mumbai and is the largest producer of movies in Indian and around the globe. The origin of the word Bollywood comes from the combination of the words Bombay now Mumbai, and Hollywood, American Film Industry. 

Bollywoodchaska is a website which gives you the complete information about Bollywood and its happenings. The website gives a detailed account if happenings in the film industry.

The news section which provides various information about the current Bollywood news which covers the happenings in the lives of actors and actresses and facts about various film and filmmakers.  In scoops and gossips section one would find the latest gossips, Who is dating whom in Bollywood, recent scandals, breakups etc.

Whereas  also features a section for  Hollywood news which has information related to American film industry, their stars and filmmakers .  The Fashion category consists of the news related to various fashion trends in the industry. The stars appearing in various events with their designer clothes. It highlights the style statement of the Bollywood celebrities who wear different designer outfits at different occasions. Television news features various day to day happenings of Indian television.

All the masala of the “Saas Bahu Sagas” and up to date information about various television celebrities and the television is available in this section.

Music news relates to the happenings in the music world , whereas Trade news and box office section deals with various reports of the movie business at the ticket window, monetary matters of Bollywood.

In the wallpaper section features the latest wallpapers of the actors, actresses and films which are further divided into Latest, Most Popular and Celebrities.  The Celebrity section features various Interviews of the stars.

It gives a brief account of a personal experience of a star and his films. Bio section is a detailed biography of an actor and people related to films.

Tweets section mentions about the latest tweets of Bollywood celebrities. Then there is a wallpaper section which has the high resolution pictures of the actors, actresses, models and various films.

Bollywoodchaska also wishes Birthday to the celebs through its Birthday calendar. This section features a list of Bollywood celebrities Birthdays. In Movie review section, a viewer finds latest Bollywood films review in accordance of performance of a film in terms of Direction, Performances, Music, Script and Verdict of the film A Preview consists of a short synopsis of an upcoming film along with the details of cast and crew.

The video section consists of various test Bollywood film promos, songs, making of the films and uping films trailers. Music reviews section deals with the overall analysis of music in a particular film.

Forum is another section which features images of various of  celebrities, wallpapers, Bollywood fashion and beauty and parties and events.

Blog is a section which covers various blogs related to Bollywood and its actors.  Last but not the least the directory section covers the contact information of an actor, actress, Filmmakers, Producer, Music Directors, Writers and fashion Designers.

For More query about this article please contact on , Box office bollywood – Bollywood chaska is an encyclopedia of bollywood. One stop information portal on News,Gossip,Movie Reviews, Music, Videos and Wallpapers.  



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