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Celebrity Hand Bags in “Gossip Girl”

A few days ago, after I finished “Gossip girl” the last eight episodes in the second season, I had a big relief- the crazy girls and bad boys have finally graduated from high schools. The dark bloom sinking heart can have a little balance. The main actresses in this season are undoubtedly Blair and Chuck. After so many tangles and accidents, on a sunny morning in the spring, Chuck pretends a smart beau appearance and presents Pierre Hermes coconut balls bought from France and Falke silk socks bought from Germany as well as a bunch of pink roses. Biting the back molar teeth, he speaks out the words “I love you too” which everyone hopes for the whole quarter.Wardrobe Essentials for Cuties

Recollecting how princess-like and how beautiful Blair was in her final dress! (except the hair rope made by curtain stay cord) The core is the yellow three – tiered Clutch bag in the dress – bright yellow, chocolate – color and gray powder – color, coupled with a short golden chain strap, it is moving like the daisy in spring. Serena Van Der Woodsen Instruct You to Accessorise Most Spectacular tiffany jewellery The bag was designed by Stuart Weitzman, which was astonished me. Stuart Weitzman is high grade female shoes brand. I had never heard of bag made by this brand. I felt surprised this time.What is Bad for the Shade of thomas sabo uk ?

Besides Blair and Chuck, other characteres seemed gray, who just like puppetes on the hands of director and do not move.

For example, Serena’s fuchsia was confusing, Nate’s change lacked of logic, Lily’s stubborn personality was a rather baffling, and Dan’s love between teacher and student was unclear … But actually I do not mind, and the scene loaded with youth and luxury is enough to be indulged. .

Allegedly, the more depressed the economy is, the more women prefer luxury and care themselves. Statistics show that, the sale of skin-care products always violate the general sitiation, which grows in the adverse situation. Since the last fall and winter, various bag brands launch affordable models on one side, while on the other hand, they increase the rare leather sections – though consumers can not afford to buy them but it is great comfortable after seeing them. Through careful observation, in the second quarter of “Gossip Girl”, the rare leather and valuable bags are increased compared with the past.

Kelly Rutherford who acted Lily in the play is already 40 years old and she is going to have another baby. But sadly she is divorcing with the child’s father. Her BirKin is the same as the one which Lily use in TV series.

Fortunately, the love affair between Lily and Rufus finally got a happy ending. And it is this ending that guarantees the queen position of Jenny in the Constance. What is he most funny is the last episode, Blair points to several force girl and says, “Look down on Jenny? Her father will marry Lily Bass and will be richer than all of you!”

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