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Disney Actor Auditions

Disney has produced some of the best talents and top earning celebrities that we know nowadays, such as Zac Efron from the movie High School Musical, Miley Cyrus who has a long standing show that is still being aired: Hannah Montana as well as Demi Lovato who has come up with several hits songs and continues to dominate the Disney Channel production. Becoming a part of Disney is one of the best ways to become famous. Countless stars have benefited from them like Hilary Duff who has transitioned into becoming a musician herself after her contract was finished from Disney Channel.

Disney holds open auditions for actors every now and then. They are out to find the next big star and by trying the Disney actor auditions you get the chance at the stardom that you have always wanted. If you have always wanted to become a Disney star, then it’s time to convince your parents that you have a future in it. You need to go to Burbank, California where the Disney Channel headquarters is located.

You need to secure a meeting with Judy Taylor, the VP casting for the Disney Channel. This woman is very busy. You need to get her attention. Do this by getting in contact with some of their staff, secretaries, interns and even their security personnel. But the best way to get her attention is to get a schedule for the open auditions for actors at Disney so you can get it legally and follow the process of how things work at Disney productions.

You need to practice your acting skills, preferably knowing how to make people laugh like Miley Cyrus.

Practice your dance moves as well as singing because Disney likes an overall star who is capable of everything like Brenda Song, Raven Symone and the Jonas Brothers. This means you have to work on your personality and the way you dress up. You need to be fresh, friendly and motivated. Disney stars have to be outgoing and would need to present an earth shattering audition. Remember that there are many people who are beautiful. You have to win them by talent.

Before even attempting to join open auditions for actors, you need to make sure that you have done countless performances in your school and some theater performance work. You also need to practice using YouTube and other social media sites to get their attention. Make viral videos and once you have done so, there is a chance that the Disney directors would be the one looking for you in Disney actor auditions.

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