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Egypt Current Events

The winter months in Egypt have various festivities and carnivals including Christmas, New Year, and winter food fests. Several events take place throughout the months of November and December in Egypt every year. Be a part of these Egyptian festivals and events and experience some of the wondrous moments of your life. Egypt current events in focus on cultural, social, and religious events to take place in November and December 2010. The dance and music festivals offer evenings full of fun and entertainment across the country.

The Spinx Festival represents the folklore dance in Cairo city of Egypt. It would take place in Swiss Club, Imbaba premises for five days beginning 1st December 2010. The schedule includes range of seminars, workshops, lectures, and musical art works. It will allow the visitors to know more about Egyptian folk dances, songs, and contemporary music. The cultural events encourage participation in the dance performances to preserve the cultural heritage of the country. Each event would have 60 participants. The event’s website can be referred for reviews on last year’s celebrations. Your December trip to this Spinx Festival will make your travel worthwhile.

The trade fairs and exhibitions also forms a major part of the popular Egypt events. Many fairs are of international standards as well. Stone Gate Egypt is one such exhibition drawing tourists. The event Stone Gate Egypt will begin on November 9, 2010 and will end on 12 November, 2010. Egypt’s natural stone industry and its products is the main highlight of the exhibition. People related to the field of constructions, interior designing, mining, and archaeological would enjoy this exhibitions. Make your way to the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre for the show.

Egypt also has vibrant movie and media industry and several Egyptian directors have created Hollywood and Italian films for years. The local theaters screen films in various languages catering to international tourists. The Cairo Film Festival, December 2010 is an upcoming movie extravaganza that would bring in several superstars to the city. If you are a movie lover, you cannot miss any of the shows from November 30- December 10, 2010. Spanish and African movies will be screened in the “Black Pearl” section. The movies would revolve around poverty in Third World countries, African forests, and ethnic conflicts in modern era.

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