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Evergreen Actor Known For His Foresight

Dev Anand who breathed his last on 4th of December 2011 in one of the hotels of London was known for his evergreen charm and romancing with actresses who were much younger to him, who also had an incredible version to make movies which were considered to be ahead of his time. Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand was born on 26th September 1923 in Gurdaspur now in Pakistan made his way to Bombay then (Mumbai) to become an actor in the industry. It was under the Prabhat’s banner that the veteran fetched his first role in the movie “Hum Ek Hain”. The film was about Hindu-Muslim unity, where Dev played the Hindu boy role. It was released in the year 1946 which was a failure at the box-office. Until 1948, “Jiddi” was released which was a turning point in his career but it was “Taxi Driver” in 1954 which made him an instant star. With this Dev Anand never looked back and it was in the year 1950 that the thespian made his company known as “Navketan”, while the first film under this banner was “Afsar”.

This was just the beginning of his career but he had something more to give. His innovative ideas and the capacity to think ahead of his time made him the youth icon of his era. During his period where actors of his age failed to get the leading role, Dev Anand was seen playing the lead opposite those actresses who were much younger to him. But this wasn’t so remarkable until 1966 when the first ever color movie in the desi TV theaters was released. “Guide” was an instant hit which made an official entry to the 38th Oscar Award in the foreign category but was eventually turned down.

The peculiarity of the movie was it was an inspiration of a novel written by R.K. Narayan which was based on the extra marital affair. A movie of such genre was considered a social stigma of its age, where filmmakers avoided such movie Dev was first to reinvent movies based on unpredictable issues. Similar to this, the actor tasted success with his 1971 directorial venture “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”. The movie especially focused on the hippie culture and quest of a sister by her brother was an instant success.

The movies, “Guide” and “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” created an outstanding landmark and enticed the filmmakers to make movies based on social stigma. Today, what we see in different south Asian channels has already been made by Dev Anand ages back. They are just trying to rephrase and modify it. Although, some films work well while majority flop at the box-office but it was a masterpiece creation from the veteran that build a different platform for the younger generation filmmakers.

MelissaSmith who made a last minute analyze on Dev Anand’s filmography found out that how the desi TV actor was much advanced of his time and through his stylish dress code and a vast mentality he became an “Evergreen actor”. The writer works for http://www.orderdesitv.net/ and had written articles especially related to Indian TV programs.

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