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Famous Hollywood Actresses With Seductive Eyes

One cannot doubt the fact that true sex appeal lies in the eyes of a woman. If a woman knows how to use her eyes to seduce men around her, she can definitely take thousands of lives through her weapons of seduction. In Hollywood, there is no dearth of lovely and charming faces that can make you go weak at the knees. But, there are some beauties that can easily capture your imagination with their killer eyes. So, let us know few interesting facts about some famous actresses from Hollywood with seductive eyes.

• Charlize Theron: Born on 7th of August 1975, this South African beauty has always been liked for her amazing pair of seductive eyes. She usually likes to carry a natural look with a little make up over her light green eyes. She has been appreciated for her performances in a number of movies, such as The Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, The Cider House Rules, and Monsters.

• Sophia Loren: Known for her pair of sexy eyes, this Italian beauty was born in the year 1934, on 20th of September. Since, she belongs to the classical era of Hollywood, so there is no doubt that her beautiful eyes played an intrinsic role in her acting. She started her career in the year 1950, and since then she has given several blockbusters, such as Houseboat, El Cid, Today and Tomorrow, A Special Day, and Marriage Italian Style. She even won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her amazing performance in Two Women.

• Kristin Kreuk: If you have penchant for gorgeous green eyes, you would definitely put her on the top of your list. She has been blessed with pair of amazingly seductive eyes that can easily make you go crazy over her Canadian beauty. She was born in the year 1982, on 30th of December. Even though she has not achieved anything big in the movies till now, but that did not stop her from turning herself into an executive producer. She is well known for her character of Lang Lang in the popular series Smallville.

• Audrey Hepburn: Her real name is Audrey Kathleen Ruston and she was born on 4th of May 1929. She began her career in Hollywood at the age of 19, and soon touched the apex of popularity. She was a trained ballet dancer and was believed to possess one of the most seductive eyes in Hollywood. Her black eyes were pretty, wide and were deep enough, giving rise tsunami of beautiful and innocent thoughts.

Apart from her enormous eyes, she was also known for her superb performances in Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Charade, Wait Until Dark, and many more. She died at the age of 63, on 20th January 1993.

• Angelina Jolie: Well, apart from her killer lips she is also known for her drop-dead gorgeous eyes. At the age of 36, she is still counted among the sexiest women in the world. And, can easily seduce even the biggest nerd on this planet.

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