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Fifty Shades Of Grey

Elliot Coen plunges deeply Fifty Shades answers the question we’re all gagging to ask: Is it really about graphics paint color?
Sex has never been bored. Fifty Shades of Grey is for women with a mean age of lingerie catalogs are curious prepubertal boys. Anyone who grew up in the Internet age, male or female, will find nothing shocking in this self proclaimed the shocking film. This does not mean that the film only to the demographic cohort of my mother; all the usual tropes of young adult fiction are present, mainly channeled through the chaos that is Ms Anastasia Steele. Fifty Shades of Grey certainly not for me, a man of about 20 years, which not hate me even more confusing. I did not like the movie, but I also do not hate. Not even the bottom five films I’ve seen in theaters in 2015, and found only in February.

First, I have to deal with the pain, because the film is full of them. All I’ve heard through the grapevine in the dialogue is categorically true. I must admit, I have not done my research properly as a journalist reading the novel by EL James, but picked up by osmosis is a piece of crap. It is true about EL James insisted that the filmmakers used the original dialogue in the film. If he had left alone, talks between Anastasia and Christian could be more than ridiculous, but their hypocrisy in the way. Apparently, disputes between you and director Sam Taylor-Johnson were so volatile that Taylor-Johnson wants nothing to do with the now locked on. Were the wealth and infamy is not enough for you, EL James?

Another major complaint I have with Fifty Shades of Grey is the chemistry between the two protagonists, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. Chemical mean when I speak of course the lack of it empty. His performances are not strictly woods, but all spoke in me was a constant annoyance. Neither me once what happened to Anastasia and Christian. If there had been a failure in the glider scene, leading to death by fire, my thought would be that hard that the candle was insured or not. Rumors about the two actors hate each other in real life intrigues me. Even if you sell as a hard sex story remains one of love in it, which means no spark between drivers is a big problem.

So what are the qualities stranded here makes me not hate fifty shades of gray, unlike many other critics? I think it comes down to curiosity. I never looked at my phone to check the time (my usual barometer of the severity of a film is taking my attention). I was motivated by the desire to know what the film was ready to go and things BDSM sex. Everything was pretty docile, ultimately, disappointing. However, there was something fun to not know.

At this point, it feels like I’m checking my experience rather than the film itself. I agree with this, as Fifty Shades of Grey is a unique cultural phenomenon. If you go, you can enjoy a lot of what I do, and I think it will be fun to go, how you are drunk, etc. I challenged on behalf of all those I know, and I went to see and love again strangely. Bring on the sequel!

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