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Hollywood Anti-Americans

Just when you thought Hollywood could sink no lower, they outdo themselves. Over 100 Hollywood celebrities have written/signed a letter for President Bush filled with anti-war rhetoric. Words cannot do justice to describe these far left wing anti-American hypocrites.

These guys prefer to oppose President Bush at the expense of national security. If everyone thought like these cowards, millions would die or be enslaved by butchers. These simpletons have learned nothing from history. Would they have stood up against America instead of Hitler? Would these same people have turned their backs on the holocaust just as they are the brutal regime of Saddam Hussein? Where were they when Clinton made threats to Iraq? It was OK then, but not now? They seem to have forgotten the attacks of 9/11. Remember when some of these same people would not go to New York City because they were afraid? President Bush went to ground zero for the entire world to see while these foul mouthed hypocrites were cowering in fear. Now once again they have all the answers.

Mike Farrell and Janeane Garofalo went on Hannity and Colmes and said that we should let the inspectors do their jobs. Why can’t they let President Bush do his? I will never understand why they think they know more than the President about national security. What gives them the right to receive so much national news coverage to express their views? They go on these shows wearing glasses halfway down their noses. This gives them the scholarly look. We are then supposed to take their political views seriously. Why don’t they run for office if they have such good ideas? Why not go head to head against Rush Limbaugh on the radio. The answer is simple. They can only spout off short, prepared scripts full of old failed liberal beliefs. They cannot provide facts. They cannot take the heat. They do not want to debate. They have no answers and cannot distinguish between the fantasy of acting and the real world. They believe they are better than we are and thus we must listen to them. They are in fact, insecure, immoral people who need to be accepted for more than just being uneducated actors.

There is nothing wrong with having opinions. However, the anti-America, in your face politics has nothing to do with ideas. It may have more to do with hatred for Christians and Christian values. We are talking about Hollywood here. Their insults against the very people who are protecting their freedoms are just sick. These are cowards beyond comprehension. Many of these people must simply be told what to think. How can Hollywood consist of 90% far left-wingers? It used to be a widely accepted fact that many in Hollywood got there by way of the casting couch. Now it appears that becoming a fanatical liberal pacifist is part of the deal.

The list of mind numb spineless Hollywood liberals is large. Some of the Hollywood left include: Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen, Harry Belafonte, Julia Roberts, Alec Baldwin, Janeane Garofalo, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robins, Woody Harrelson, Mike Farrell, Ed Asner and Richard Gere.

It wouldn’t be fair to Hollywood if I didn’t mention some of those brave enough to stand up for what they believe. This list includes Tom Selleck, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Patricia Heaton, Rick Schroder, Bo Derek and Charlton Heston. There are others, although it is much harder to add to than the list of the ignorant Hollywood crowd.

Many of the people criticizing President Bush for going after terrorists before they hit us are the same ones that want to blame him for not preventing the 9/11 attacks. They are the same ones who did not speak out against Bill Clinton when he tried talking tough about Iraq. If it was right then, how can it not be right now, given all that has happened?

The truth is, if we do things the Hollywood way, millions might die. Who really wants peace? The ones who would have us close our eyes and allow innocent citizens to be repeatedly attacked or those who believe in defending freedom? You might want to think about that when you decide what movies you want to see.

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