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How Did Audiences Receive the Remake of “Evil Dead”?

“Evil Dead” is the 2013 remake of the ’80s cult classic horror film, “The Evil Dead,” which was directed by horror movie legend Sam Raimi. The original was initially panned by critics, but it eventually gained a ravenous cult following. The remake seems on its way to even more popularity than the original if the numbers are any indication. The film brought in a massive $26 million at the box office on its opening weekend alone.

The gory film stayed true to its roots, using modern CGI to create even more disgusting zombie characters and chilling effects. Audiences reported that the remake was even more gruesome than the original, which is always a plus for fans of the horror genre. “Evil Dead” was well received at least in part because it premiered when there were few other horror movies to compete with. Still, the film beat out its fair share of competition at the box office from other action thrillers and suspense films.

While the production budget of $17 million was certainly higher than that of the original film, audiences were very impressed by how realistic the CGI was compared to other films with much higher production budgets. The horror movie has already secured a place for itself in both the cult horror and CGI halls of fame.

The target audience for the horror flick is split between modern horror and slasher fans and cult-classic horror fans who remember the Sam Raimi original. Both camps have responded well to the reboot of the classic franchise, albeit for slightly different reasons. While modern horror fans cite the film’s impressive use of CGI, its high level of gore, and a unique take on the current zombie craze, fans of the classic “The Evil Dead” film are grateful that the remake stayed true to the character-driven storytelling of the original.

Like the original, “Evil Dead” is terrifying mostly because of the deep attachment that audiences feel for the main characters. The storytelling is engaging and relies on more than CGI and cheap zombie gimmicks to create elements of horror and suspense. Audiences and critics alike are comparing “Evil Dead” to other character-driven zombie classics such as “28 Days Later” and “I Am Legend.”

Another element carried into the new film from the original is the dark, sarcastic sense of humor that Sam Raimi films are so famous for. “Evil Dead” is full of one-liners and cult movie nods that classic movie buffs and horror newcomers alike will love. Its audiences use terms like “slapstick” and “darkly funny” to describe the humor of this latest installment. Every horror fan knows that a great zombie movie is even better with the right comedic timing to lighten the mood.

Of course, no movie would be complete without a great cast. Heroin addict Mia, played by Jane Levy, is the movie’s main character. Mia’s character is another reason that the audience reacted so well to the Hollywood remake. Her story is gritty and relatable and adds a personal dynamic to the events of the movie. The audience feels trapped with her as she attempts to recover from her addiction in seclusion in the middle of the woods.

The final reason that “Evil Dead” resonated so well with modern audiences was the camera work. The original is film a cult classic in part because director Sam Raimi used such innovative camera techniques to give the film a chilling and unique atmosphere in spite of its low budget. While “Evil Dead” made use of far more sophisticated camera equipment, the film is still a fresh viewing experience that audiences can enjoy.

While the 2013 film has received much of its positive audience reaction due to the fact that it stayed true to the many successful elements of the original 1981 film, its success also stems from its original qualities. “Evil Dead” puts a modern twist on a time-tested classic and takes the zombie genre to new heights. “Evil Dead” also improves upon the storytelling of the original. Audiences aren’t the only ones who enjoyed the film, either. The movie received an average audience rating of 3.9 of 5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes.

With great critical reviews and a warm reception from modern and classic horror fans alike, it’s clear to see that ” Evil Dead ” will secure its place in cult horror history. Audiences cite dark humor, innovative camera work, and realistic special effects as reasons why they love the new film.

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