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Julia Roberts – Still a Driving Force in Hollywood

For a number of years Julia Roberts was easily the most billable woman in Hollywood, the highest paid actress, and the most sought after in the business. Although she has decreased her public profile of late, this has certainly been a conscious choice on her part and she remains one of the most powerful drawing forces in Hollywood. Julia Roberts trivia mentions that she was born in 1967 in Atlanta. She comes from a family of actors and people engaged in the theatrical professions. Her parents were both actors and playwrights, and her brother, Eric Roberts, is a very successful actor in his own right.

A Julia Roberts quiz will show that her very first appearance in a movie was in a film called “Blood Red” in which her brother was starring. It was in “Mystic Pizza” that she first started to get taken more seriously as an emerging actress and, by the time she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for “Steel Magnolias”, people began to realize that this young actress was for real. But in 1990 she would star in a film that would catapult her to the top of Hollywood’s “A” list – “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere. She would get another Oscar nomination for the part.

In 2001 another important piece of Julia Roberts trivia occurred when she finally won her Oscar. She would win for playing real life person Erin Brockovich in the film of the same name. She would go on to star in several other big box office successes such as the “Ocean’s” series of movies, “The Mexican” and “Charlie Wilson’s War”. She would also take a turn on Broadway in “Three Days of Rain”.

When you look at a Julia Roberts quiz, you will see that this arguably most powerful woman in Hollywood (her films have grossed more than those of any other actress – over 2.3 Billion) you see that she has in recent years done less movies by choice, deciding instead to focus on her family. She has, in the past, had a series of high profile relationships with a variety of famous Actors, including famously breaking up with Kiefer Sutherland days before their wedding, but has in recent years settled down to raise a family with cameraman Danny Moder. The two have three children together, two of whom are twins.

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