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Karin Viard sets the pace for this first successful film

Pregnant at 49, a joy or a misfortune? At the head of a dysfunctional family (happy unemployed husband, castrating mother, intrusive daughter-mother, overly lucid granddaughter, offshore son), Nicole does not ask herself any questions: she cannot afford to keep her ” small tenant “. Unless … Feel-good movie actress par excellence, overexpressive, capable of moving from burlesque to emotion in the blink of an eye, Karin Viard sets the pace for this successful first film and brings behind her a host of supporting roles in tune. Seconded for the writing by the duo Fanny Burdino-Mazarine Pingeot (already at work on  

The economy of the couplein an opposite dark register), Nadège Loiseau shows a real mastery, both in the management of the narrative arcs as well as the rhythm and the ellipses ( “it must be good to argue with your daddy” , says the granddaughter of Nicole au square, scene short but sufficient to understand her family situation and her psychology). With its tender gaze on the characters and their background and its careful staging,  The Little Renter  evokes neither more nor less  The Bélier family . With the same success at the end?

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