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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick – A Long Lasting Hollywood Marriage

In a society where marriages and relationships are cheap and end as fast as they start, the marriage of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick has been going on for the past 22 years. And because of this it makes these two actors different than many others as they stand out as people who are not letting themselves be guided by the Hollywood craze world.

The two marry when Sedgwick was only 23 and Bacon 30. When they met, Sedgwick said she didn’t think that Kevin was her type at all. Yet, 22 years later they are still together with two grown kids, Travis 21 and Sosie 18 who is herself a young actress.

When asked the secret of the longevity of their marriage Sedgwick said that her husband still surprises her every day and that she is still learning to get to know him as time goes on. She says realizing today how much she didn’t know him during the first years of their marriage.

When Sedgwick was offer the TV series The Closer a challenge for her marriage and her whole family life presented itself. This job offer was hard to refuse, but it was going to send her to the West Coast in LA away from home which is New York City.

The actress is crediting her husband for encouraging her to take the role while he is handling the family while mom is away 6 months out of the year working. Kyra says that it is still a bit of a struggle to balance work on the West Coast and family life in New York. However, she felt that she had to take this job and that was important for her to do so.

The Closer has been a great and successful experience for Kyra Sedgwick and has brought her name to households like nothing she has done in her career before. After four years of staring in the TV series she doesn’t seem to get used to the separation from her family, but because the family being so strong and the relationship with Kevin being still as it was on day one or even better, this lovely Hollywood family settled in New York is holding on and celebrating the success of mom even if it means being separated from her more than the usual.

Keep up the good work Kyra and Kevin. You are an unusual Hollywood couple and we love you for that.

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