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Leonardo DiCaprio: Hollywood’s Highest Earning Actor

Forbes magazine has compiled the latest list of “Hollywood’s Highest-Earning Actors” in 2011 with the date analyzed from May 2010 to May 31, 2011 based on the basis of the actors’ rankings on box office.

Leonardo DiCaprio

$ 77 million

Leonardo DiCaprio has an excellent 2010 by being the top earner in Hollywood. “Shutter Island” and “Inception” are his two big movie projects last year which have been already getting Oscar buzz. Lately, he almost covers all tabloids in Hollywood thanks to his dating with “Gossip Girls” star Blake Lively. By the end of this year, he will be starring in J. Edgar, a film about the famous FBI director.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Johnny Depp

$ 50 million

Depp is well-known for his each role from voicing a chameleon or lurching around as Captain Jack Sparrow. Needless to say, the movies always bring in the big bucks in return. Depp will attend the television show Dark Shadows directed by Tim Burton.

Johnny Depp


Adam Sandler

$ 40 million

Adam Sandler’s movies are not favorite things for critics but attractive to ticket-buying public. The latest movie “Just go with it” earned $ 214 million at the global box office


Will Smith

$ 36 million

Recently, Will Smiths focuses his career on budding star children. He is the producer of “The Karate Kid” and upcoming remake of Annie for his daughter Willow


Tom Hanks

$ 35 million

Hanks has played on “Larry Crowne”, voiced Woody in Toy Story and will be starring opposite Sandra Bullock in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


Ben Stiller

$ 34 million

Ben Stiller money comes mostly from big franchises like “Meet the Parents” and “Night at the Museum”


Robert Downey Jr.

$ 31 million

While the first “Sherlock Holmes” film earned an amazing $ 525 million, the second part seems to make more money. Otherwise, Robert also plays in “Iron Man”


Mark Wahlberg

$ 28 million

Mark is not a superstar but a producer in Hollywood. He is owner of television shows like “Entourage”, “How to Make it in America” and “Boardwalk Empire”


Tim Allen

$ 22 million

Tim Allen is featured on this list thanks to his as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story 3”, “Home Improvement” and appearance on “The Last Days of Man”


Tom Cruise

$ 22 million

Although Tom Cruise is a little bit offbeat, he still makes his way to 10th position of the list


Leonardo DiCaprio Tops Forbes’ Highest-Earning Actors List


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