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Marketing Through Live Events – 7 Top Keys to a Successful Live Event

Live events are one of the best ways to market your business to people from diverse background. Organizing a live event takes skill and attention to detail. Everyone may not have the patience or ability to put on a live event. With the growth of the Internet, many Internet business professional are doing virtual events instead.

But a live event can bring your prestige and increase your reputation as the expert in your industry. There are certain key factors that make an event successful. Here are seven top factors for you to consider as you start organization your event.

1. Details. Event planning means paying attention to details. That means staying on top of all of the plans, even if you delegate some of the arrangements to team members. Be sure to plan everything including all of the contingencies that could happen.

2. Backup Plan. Speaking of the unexpected, you can be sure that you will encounter some unexpected situations when you do events. Have backup plans in place based on the situation you might face since you won’t have time to panic once the event starts. Think about weather situations, a speaker stuck in an airport, food that’s spoiled or wrong information printed on a thousand invitations. It happens but facing problems just makes you a better event planner as you go along.

3. Organize Plans. By the time you get to your event, you will have a lot of information and papers with the details you need. Start off by getting everything organized in files, binders and on the computer. You don’t want to be looking for important information at the last minute and fail to find it. Keep all of your receipts, invoices and orders. Always have a copy of the contracts you’ve made with any vendors including speakers, entertainers and food services where you can easily reach them.

4. Location. Selecting an appropriate venue is a key factor for event success. Estimate possible attendance, event theme and purpose. Make sure the location is easy for guests to find and that there is adequate parking. The right venue can make or break an event.

5. Theme. A successful event has a theme. Select a theme to express your event goals and intended outcomes. The theme helps to get all of the other detail coordinated including decorations, invitations and even the program. In fact, the theme helps to define everything else about the event.

6. Drinks. Following the theme for the event, start thinking of the basic amenities your guests might need. Even if this isn’t a formal sit-down dinner event, consider having water, coffee, and tea at the least. People can get dehydrated even sitting in a seminar or workshop. Instead of having them walk out during a presentation or even feel ill, provide the basics. Also, think about the other types of drinks. You may not want to offer a cash bar or open bar with alcoholic drinks or maybe you will. Both can be expensive in their own ways, however, you can limit your budget by only offering certain drinks such as a bottle of wine per table and leaving other drinks in an open bar.

7. Food. Of course, if you’re keeping people in a room all day, think about food. If you’re doing an actual food event, such as a breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have more details and costs to consider. Start early looking for food vendors or caterers. You might have a location that has its own kitchen and insists that you use their facilities. Food will be remembered even if the speakers or workshops are not. This can literally make or break your event. With bad food come bad ratings. Sample the food so you feel confident about what the people will get.

Live events take a lot of work and planning. These are just seven beginning tips to get your started on the way to a successful event.

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