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My Top Five Favorite Bill Murray Movies

Bill Murray is one of the greatest comedic minds in all of the entertainment industry. His humor is definitely dry, to say the least, but he has been in so many great comedies over the year that I have lost count. After going through a list of all the great movies he has been in, it is safe to say he is one of the modern kings of comedy.

But what have been the best Bill Murray movies? Here are my personal favorites.

One film of his that I absolutely loved was Groundhog Day. This is a film with a fantastic concept and is definitely one of the darker comedies of its time. Ned Ryerson will live on forever!

Another film that must be mentioned is Ghostbusters. I am too young to know what came first, the cartoon or the movie, but regardless of whether or not it was an original work, I thought the first film was brilliantly executed. Word on the street is there’s a third installment in the works.

When it comes to sports comedies, it does not get much better than Kingpin. I cannot think of any other bowling film off the top of my head, but when it comes to bowling movie villains, I don’t think anyone could do a better job that Bill Murray.

One of the more recent films that I absolutely loved was Zombieland. If you have not yet seen this film, then I don’t want to give anything away. All I will say is that Bill Murray has a small part that is definitely the funniest part of the whole movie.

It goes without saying that any list of Bill Murray’s best films has to include Lost In Translation. This Tokyo based movie is directed by Sofia Coppola, who happens to be the daughter of the iconic director, Francis Ford Coppola.

As it stands, this is my list of Bill Murray’s greatest films.

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