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Another sci-fi flick which was just a bit too imaginative and not enough genius. I find post-apocalyptic movies rather depressing and yes, even a tad bit disturbing, since nothing about the destruction of earth and the almost complete annihilation of the human race can ever be relaxing for my senses. However, personal discomfiture aside I like the way it’s filmed and ofcourse Tom Cruise is brilliant as the protagonist. The imagery is beautiful; the cinematography breathtaking even though it’s all glorified ruins, yet the art is true.



The plot has too many strange twists for one to keep track of but anyway I shall try to do it justice. So, earth in 2077 has been completely ravaged by aliens who are called “Scavs” and who have attacked earth 60years previously and now are hiding underground while humans have relocated to a space station called ‘Tet’. There is a set of drones instated to keep the aliens in check and kill them on sight whilst two Tech’s Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) work on a Tower “49” stationed over the remains of the New York City. These two are in charge of keeping the drones in working order as Earth’s remaining resources are salvaged and passed up to ‘Tet’. Jack and Victoria have no memory of anything five years ago as their memories have been wiped for security reasons. Now, Jack has flashbacks in which he keeps seeing a woman but can’t fully recall who she is. He intercepts a signal sent out from the Scavs in response to which a pre-war craft falls to the earth. Most of the survivors in the craft are destroyed by the drones but one capsule contains the woman from Jacks dreams so he rescues her and ends up being captured by the Scav’s.



Coming to, he finds out that Scav’s aren’t really aliens but human survivors living in hiding from the drones who have actually been sent to wipe out humanity. The leader is Beech (Morgan Freeman) He is also told the disturbing story of how things really stand in the world and he finds out that he is but a clone of his real self in 2017 when he was an astronaut sent by NASA to investigate the ‘tet’ with others like Victoria and the woman of his dreams, Julia on board in sleeping pods. Upon realizing that they were to be captured he had ejected the others into space where they had been circulating in suspending animation till the signal to recall them was sent by Beech.



Hence, all in all it’s a rather informative fifteen minutes. After that uplifting revelation, Jack, Julia and Beech are seen to develop some unimaginative plans to destroy the ‘Tet’. Fact is, by this time I sort of lost interest in the plot. It just seemed to have gone on too long.



I still sat through till the end to find the typical romantic sweet ending that did sort of fill my need to be hugged at the end of a tiresome interlude. Still, I would suggest you watch it because of the excellent cinematography and the excellent action sequences. It does glorify the art of action and sci-fi filming.



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