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Ray / Dreamgirls: Jamie Foxx in music, tonight on Arte

After the film tribute to the great Ray Charles, it’s time for the musical with Beyonce.

Jamie Foxx will be in the spotlight on this Sunday evening, with the replay of Ray , on Arte, followed by Dreamgirls .

The performance of the actor is simply breathtaking in the biopic of Ray Charles signed by Taylor Hackford ( The Devil’s Associate, Parker…), released in 2005. It will also be rewarded with an Oscar. His nod, his blind movements, his facial expressions, everything about him evokes the great Ray Charles. If the actor wore prostheses during filming, 14 hours a day, to be truly blind, he did not cheat behind the piano. He played every piece himself. For 2h30, he manages to revive this soul pioneer with a unique voice. The spectator is taken throughout the life-changing life of this man: the death of his brother when he was 5 years old, the blindness which he reached two years later, the heroine on which he became dependent and of course the women, whom he could not help seducing (he will have 13 children). Released in the United States the year the singer died, in 2004, the film covers the first thirty years of his life. Ray is not the occasion for excessive praise or easy pathos, only for a touching realism. All of this, of course, to the sound of the musician’s great classics:“Hit the road Jack”, “Georgia on my mind” and many others, moreover also rewarded by an Oscar. It is also the use of music that had the most marked Première at the time: “Hackford is shown much more to his advantage with the many musical scenes, brilliantly fimmed, which feast the eyes as much as the ears. His mastery of the subject is impressive when he uses songs and biographical elements in counterpoint to enrich the artist’s portrait and open up perspectives on his creative process. “

At 11:25 pm, place at the musical comedy of Billy Condon ( Twilight 4 and 5, Beauty and the Beast …), which was a great success in 2007 and had also pleased the writing of Première : “Jamie Foxx and Beyoncé Knowles: duo clash in this revival of a musical revelation of the 80s, it is rather Jennifer Hudson No wonder she received the award for best actress in a Supporting role Golden Globe.! Dreamgirls of Bill Condon is her first film and yet she steals the show from Beyoncé. The viewer is captivated by her interpretation of “I Love You, I Do”,declaration of love for Curtis (Jamie Foxx). If the latter’s male performance is correct, it’s Eddie Murphy who monopolizes the attention. After the disappointing Dr Dolittle (1998) and The Nutty Family (2000), we find in Dreamgirls his comic talent. Surprising! “

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