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Rifkin’s Festival: Woody Allen for his new film

New York’s most famous director returns with a new film! The trailer for the new Woody Allen , Rifkin’s Festival , has been unveiled. The 85-year-old filmmaker has once again put his bags down in Europe, since the plot takes place in Spain , as it was announced in 2019. Despite the accusations of sexual assault that emerged against him during this period , which pushed Amazon to stop supporting his films , Woody Allen was able to shoot this long-kept secret on behalf of Mediapro, which had previously worked with him on Vicky Christina Barcelona and Minuit à Paris .

The film follows a man and his wife, a press officer, who travel to Spain for the latter’s work. While she falls under the spell of a young French director, her husband, too, is not insensitive to the Spanish adventure …

For this film, Woody Allen set down his cameras in San Sebastián, on the Franco-Spanish border. In the cast of this cuckold and amorous quartet: the French Louis Garrel (who presented his film  La Croisade at the Cannes Film Festival in the selection for the climate, in which he plays alongside his wife Laetitia Casta) plays with Wallace Shawn – who has played several times in Woody Allen films, such as  Manhattan  or  Shadows and Fog  -,  Gina Gershon as  well as the Spaniards Elena Anaya and  Sergi López .

The film will be released in theaters on September 29, 2021.

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