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Ronn Moss Actor

When Ronn Moss actor first began he was an entertainer from California. He started out in a variety of bands and wound up with the famous group “Player”, this group had such hits as “Baby Come Back”. Ronn also pursued an acting career while still continuing his musical pursuits.

He even took some acting lessons. In the 1980s he landed some roles in various movies including “Last Call for Murder”, Predator 2, Hearts of Armor, Hot Ticket to Hawaii and some others. There were some TV commercials too. Then in 1987 Ronn Moss actor landed the role he is still portraying to this day, Ridge Forrester on “Bold and the Beautiful”, which is a daytime drama.

This daytime drama was just starting on television then. It became popular immediately and remains so to this day. The actor Ronn Moss has in an integral part of making this show a hit. With awesome good looks and charisma that shows through in his character Ridge Forrester, who is the son of fashion mogul Eric Forrester. Many fans have tuned in to watch what is going to happen next in his love life. Speaking of love life his character has been married several times and Ronn Moss has played it well, with whichever female actresses he has had the pleasure of interacting with.

Ridge married Brooke Logan, a poor valley girl. Then the split and he married Caroline Spencer one of the heirs to her father’s (William Spencer Sr.). Caroline died tragically died of leukemia, leaving Ridge devastated. Brooke went on to marry Eric Forrester, Ridge’s father.

Ridge went on then to marry Dr. Taylor Hayes, a successful psychiatrist, in 1992. Taylor gets shot protecting Brooke in 2002. She at first seems to survive only to die while Ridge is holding her. Brooke is there to help Ridge through his grief and she eventually divorces Eric and remarries Ridge.

Then in a surprise twist in 2005 it is revealed that Taylor is actually alive. She was kidnapped by a Prince named Omar who had her nursed back to health. Ridge’s marriage to Brooke was then not legal. He became torn between the two. He renews his vows to Taylor but the marriage does not last. He devastated Taylor by choosing Brooke once again! Brooke and Ridge have been on again off again but are together now.

With romantic storylines above it is easy to see why Ronn Moss actor has become a favorite of women everywhere. Bradley Bell, the executive producer now, tells of the day that Ronn Moss first came to the studio to audition for the part of Ridge Forrester, the eldest of the Forresters’ sons.

Bill Bradley stated, “We were casting Ridge and Ronn Moss came in. There was something about him. My dad calls it the ‘x’ factor. It’s a mystery. We looked at several wonderful actors, but Ronn had something that you couldn’t quite figure out. It’s something that’s hard to find, and is really valuable, especially in the way that my dad tells a story.” Also Hope Smith was present during the casting calls and said, “Ronn had a ‘Peck’s bad boy’ quality about him and a great sense of humor. He was also devastatingly good-looking.” “We knew Ronn was our Ridge,” said Bill Bradley.
Now that was 23 years ago now and guess what, Ronn Moss actor is playing the role of Ridge still.

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