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Secrets of Hollywood Magic to Make You Beautiful

Look Like A Starlet On Rodeo Drive! Many Hollywood techniques make actors and actresses look younger, stunningly beautiful or handsome and sexy. Actors and actresses are aware of their appearance from a sense of fashion statement. It’s important for them to know what looks best in terms of makeup and wardrobe. There’s a “just right” feeling when the makeup department applies their “face” that brings out the inner star that illuminates eyes, cheeks, lips and hair.

The Secrets Of Hollywood Magic:
One secret of Hollywood magic is clearly defined facial features. Think of your face as if you were standing on stage. How clearly visible would your long eyelashes be? Conversely, think of your face and hair in a close-up shot on film. Would fans see enlarged pores, a barely visible lip line or cheekbones? Hollywood makeup artists are not afraid to experiment with facial features to best advantage. That’s the reason actresses and actor always look as if they just stepped off the stage or screen.

Create Your Own Hollywood Magic To Make You Beautiful.
Look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Assess what you like and dislike most. Select areas to enhanced to diminish flaws. Start by selecting your most attractive feature. This is where Hollywood image begins. Build around the most attractive feature with posture, wardrobe, makeup, perfume and a hairstyle that accents this feature. Part of Hollywood image is mystique as well as illusion. As an example, use a green foundation to fade blemishes. Heighten cheekbones with strategic strokes of blush.

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