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The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Hollywood

Hollywood movies are recognized for character qualities and unique direction. While an actor plays a role of a character in the movie goes fully and completely into the life of very character assigned to him. With his acumen, personal skill and understanding of the story and drama the actor performs his role and does justice to the character.

With proper training and motivation a capable actor forgets that he is a real human being with different segments of goods, bads and uglies of his life, he follows and goes astray into the character role. His various roles and art of characterization enforce the audiences to rate him according to their choice to be a good, bad or ugly character.

Hero is presented as the best person morally, spiritually and religiously. He has a great sense of ethics and does not involve in any political demeanor. He spends whole length of movie time in justifying his role of being the bravura character by fighting against all odds and scarifies his identity for the sake of bringing serenity by saving souls in the end.

The story of the film cannot complete without the intervention of a bad character. Where the actor plays as bad character has to overlook the goodness of his life and souls have no meaning of their existence for him. For the sake of his fulfillment he refuses to possess ethical qualities and turns into a destructive being.

An ugly character is nasty, empowered by his vicious imagination and cruel behavior and practicing the same in the realm of torture and torment to the hero and other characters in the film. His activities are ferocious in nature with quest of fulfillment, his amusement and lust of power.

Hollywood movies are doing well with feminine skills. Female actors show better compatibly with male actors in terms of goods, bads and uglies and characters played by them. Roles played by Hollywood actresses like Angelina Joli, comic role by Meg Ryan and Meryl Streep drama enable the director to grab highly graded awards. In action films brave girls use guns, laser beams, magic powers and briefcases for the bewilderment of audience.

Roles of good characters are generally coupled with talent and powerfulness of the actor. Ripley, a talented beautiful and powerful woman in the film Alien (1979) fought boldly with a monster that steals a spaceship aboard and harms the crewmembers. Her efforts secured the ship and the crew by blasting the monster into the deepest space at last.

In the film The Departed, Frank Costello (Nicholson) a bad character, boss of a feared South Boston mob picks up an intelligent teenager Collin Sullivin to teach him the ways of a mob under the guidance of Massachusetts state police. Collin soon joins Special Investigation Unit. Captain Ellerby who works hard with the team to destroy Frank Costello runs the unit.

Another Special Investigation unit works undercover and ask Billya a criminal by family history to join it and assist the unit to permeate Frank gang. Frank is imprisoned; with help of his family he contacts Mr. Franch (Ray Winstone). His loyal right hand Billy actually is with Frank team working undercover and Collin is on Special Investigation unit remains in constant communication with Frank. Frank and his team kill people and Frank is a proud dangerous extremist. Soon it was realized by both the teams that there was a mole a vicious character in their ranks.

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