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The Hollywood’s famous Star: Mel Gibson

The Hollywood famous film star Mel Gibson attended the hearing on Wednesday which was forwarded by her ex-girlfriend about the alimony for their daughter. He was prescribed to pay $ 60,000 for the alimony which is just three months’ alimony.


Mel Gibson was detained because he refused to pay the $ 20,000 monthly alimony. He required deducting the $ 6,000 which needs to be paid for his 61-year-old mother. However, the judge Scott Gordon from Los Angeles superior court overruled Gibson’s application for derating the expenses.


According to insiders, Mel Gibson wore a dark suits, blue shirt and a tie. He did not accept any media interviews after he arrived at the court. Also his attorney did not do any comments on that. A moment later, Gerry Gregory Eva dressed a light coat, a tight knee-length skirt and a huge pair of sunglasses also arrived at the court.


The attorney of Gerry Gregory Eva requests for termination of the rights for Mel Gibson to have Lucia at his home for the night. They claimed that the main reason is that Mal Gibson’s bad temper may harm their daughter. Also the nannies said that Lucia will cry and long for mother if she stays with Mel Gibson.  The judge Scott Gordon hopes that there will be another hearing in 2011 for the final decision.


Mel Gibson is an actor, director and a producer who was born in America. He has acted many excellent movies such as “Brave Heart” and “The Patriot”.

Both of the two movies are very popular at that time. Mel Gibson firstly directed a film named “The Man without a Face” which tells an ancient legend, and he acted as a teacher who was badly burned in a big fire.


Mel Gibson who was born in the United States standard time at 4:45 was rated as one of the most beautiful people in the world. His father Hughton Gibson was moved to New South Wales in Sydney in Australia in 1968. The couple has seven children in all. Gibson and his cousin who graduated from the University of New South Wales acted the “Good Morning, America” in 1975.


In addition, Mel Gibson is also a warm-hearted man about public welfare. The Hollywood star has donated one million dollars to rebuild the new houses for the victims in Mexico who encountered the tropical storm in 2005.


Although there is much negative news for this handsome man, it can not affect his handsome image in his fans’ heart. As one of his loyal fan, I do not care about that .What about you?


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