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The Latest Movies Of Year 2010

Year 2010 has been good for both Hollywood and Bollywood as many of the movies were big hits in this year. The Bollywood movies were themed on action and drama mainly whereas the Hollywood movies were based on historical subjects and the sci-fi themes. Few of the movies were hit before the day they actually got released. This is because of the marketing strategies the producers have introduced with these movies. The movies were screened in more than 10,000 theaters across the globe and these theaters generated huge amount of money. Most of the movies are available on the online movie store for and with huge discounts. However, we are more concerned on how these movies have performed last year?

The Hollywood movies are released worldwide; hence they generate more revenue because of their fan base around the world. On the other hand the Bollywood movies are released in few of the countries. The reason for this is the target viewers for these movies. Language is also a barrier for these movies. However, let us jump onto the movies that were released this year.

The first movie we are talking about is “Inception” which got huge response from the people around the world. The movie was based on a story where the Hero is able to steal the valuable secrets during the time when he is in the subconscious state.

The second movie that we are talking about is “The Social Network.” This movie was based on the internet revolution that is actually turning our lives more technical than being simple. Internet that has affected most parts of our lives was the base theme for this movie. The storyline is taken on the story of Mark Zuckerberg who created the FaceBook. The story of this movie was somehow real and hence the movie was hit in US but was not that popular in other countries.

There was one more movie that created a lot of hype, this was the “Resident Evil: After Life.” The sequel of Resident Evil 4, this movie was based on how the survivors of the planet got together to build the planet a place to live again. This time the T-virus of the superhuman Alice was neutralized and the mission set for her became more difficult. How the bunch of people survived in the end is the story of this movie. These latest movies of 2010 entertained the people around the world. Not only because of their storyline but also for the themed music. The online music store fronts got huge revenue as most of us have started buying the music via internet. This is just part one and I would be writing more on this.

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