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The Mummy – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

This is honestly perhaps the worst sequel I have had the ill-fated misery of watching. I cannot honestly say how exceedingly terrible this movie is. When I arrived at the auditorium where the movie was playing, I found myself surrounded by old people and about 50 children, and that alone tells you how awful this movie is.

I’ve seen a lot of children movies, some that were truly amazing Shrek, and Finding Nemo to name a few. This movie might have done alright if a couple of things were changed. Rachel Weisz should have definitely been the female lead, even though this movie shouldn’t have been made in the first place. The whole plot should be completely changed since it is basically identical to the first except in China.

The plot is completely childish and stupid, I believe anyone between the ages 7 and up could have written it better. Yak’s throwing up in an airplane, Yetis scoring goals, I was cringing in my seat the whole time. The acting was pretty bad, but not terrible, with the exception of Maria Bello’s just atrocious British accent. I have not been so appalled since I saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-man, and Shrek. Both sequels for Shrek and Spider-man were great, but the third ones were completely unnecessarily.

The Mummy is like Pirates of the Caribbean. Both original movies were great, any other sequel after that was not necessary, I mean they were okay, but not needed. Now, the third in the installment was just completely flawed, stupid, childish, all over the place. After this movie, I don’t think I’ll ever see the third installment of anything for the rest of my life, it has been disappointment after disappointment over and over again. The only good trilogies I’ve seen were the Star Wars(the first three) and the Lord of the Rings. Even the Godfather is flawed, but still just okay. Has Hollywood run out of good original ideas, that they have to result to making sequel after sequel to gain more money? Horrible.

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