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Top 10 Latest Movies With High Films Ranking

With the vast selection of the amazing movies this year, it can sometimes be daunting to pick out the best ones that are sure not to disappoint you. Whether you’re planning to go on a movie date with a special someone or setting up a movie marathon at home with some friends, you can take a look at the top 10 highest grossing films this year to gather some ideas on what to watch. Finding out films’ ranking is valuable in deciding which of the latest movies are considered remarkable by many.

Top Grossing Latest Movies

On top of the list is Iron Man 3, a surefire hit among different individuals of various ages. This action-packed adventure film was a consistent box office success due to the great popularity of super hero movies these days and because there was no dragging moment. Meanwhile, Oz the Great and Powerful, another impressive fantasy-adventure film, comes second. With its beautiful cinematography and exciting scenes, it was inevitably a victorious creation. Next is The Croods. It is an animated fantasy with a very interesting storyline and catchy images. It proved to be great not only for children but for families and even teens. The fourth in the list is a comedy. Because so many people are going through tough times today, Identity Thief’s humorous offer was a big hit too. Top 5 is GI Joe: Retaliation filled with fantastic action that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats all throughout the movie. The sixth movie with high films ranking is Olympus Has Fallen. An exciting suspense-thriller, its amazing actors make the film truly come alive. In the 7th slot is an inspiring true story called 42 which tells about the life of baseball player Jackie Robinson. Top 8 is the famous Oblivion starring Tom Cruise. With its fascinating and intriguing story, a lot of people have given it the thumbs-up sign. In the 9th place is Mama, a remarkable horror movie that will send shivers down your spine. Finally, the 10th rank among the latest movies goes to Safe Haven. This is another incredible love story based on a novel by popular author Nicholas Sparks.

Considering Rankings and Ratings

Aside from the films ranking of the above latest movies based on how many people actually watched them in the cinema, there are also credible and authorized groups and institutions known in the movie industry responsible for providing ratings. It’s also important for you to know of these ratings because they can give you a better insight as to the actual excellence of the film based on the content, cinematography, etc. unlike with the list of top grossing films which simply show you the crowd favorites.

When it comes to watching the latest movies, you must take into account both the films’ ranking and ratings. This is to ensure that you end up with good films which are bound to make you a happy viewer. Naturally, you still have to read reviews and find out the genre and synopsis of each one in order to make better choices. After all, you may have a different taste and opinion when it comes to movies.

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