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Use Social Media to Market Your Special Event

As an event organizer, you should utilize the potentiality of social media for better promotion of your software and solutions. Social media helps you connect with your present as well as potential event attendees in an improved manner. It offers an extremely powerful way to share all your event details with your present as well as potential registrants.

Open Accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Try to set up accounts on various top-ranked social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and more. This will help you use these web sites to promote your events to the millions of people who already have accounts in these popular networking sites.

Share the Details of Your Event

Facebook and such other social networking websites let you connect easily with like-minded people, relating to your business and industry. You can share all event schedules with them by posting the same on your events webpage. You can even provide a link to your event’s or organization’s website on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for any people to click on them and view the same. You can easily create events group and sub-group on LinkedIn, the premier business networking site, and accept anyone who wants to become a member. This will help you spread the word about your activities to the world. Thus, these social networking sites provide a great platform for any event organizer to connect, interact, share, and promote their events and information to a large number of audiences.

Create an Events Blog

You can create an events blog and provide all details covering your present and future programs. Make sure to add your company website link on the page for drawing the attention of people toward your company and its products. You should let individuals easily book your festival tickets via the online ticketing software. This software offers easy ticketing option of registering 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home, without the need to physically visit the ticket counter.

Share Images

There’s a well-known saying that “A picture speaks a thousand words”. It means a simple image can easily convey a complex idea or fact to the viewers. This saying is true for events as well. Instead of writing 500 word articles offering every detail of your events, why not upload any of your past event picture on (a prominent image sharing site) or on Facebook. It will help you easily share your experience with all the people visiting these sites.

Upload Videos

Uploading any number of your past or recently held event videos on YouTube will create a buzz for your upcoming events and activities. People searching for events videos on YouTube will come across your videos as well. They will check it and, on liking it, might contact you to buy tickets for your next program!

Using Social Media Connector

Finally, many online events management software come with an in-built social media connector. It helps in directly publishing your events webpage on Facebook or Twitter via the online events management software platform.

Events management software also includes online registration and payments management solutions. Besides, it also comes with an in-built communication and marketing module to better administer your functional workload and streamline the entire events management process.

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