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Your Acting Teacher Top Five Truths About Breaking Into Hollywood

Your acting teacher (whether in a small city or big city) probably has a few ideas about acting. However, these are often ten to twenty years old ideas that came from an often failed attempt to make it in Hollywood or the nearest major market! Here are the top five true-isms you need to know about acting straight from a real working actor.

1. Everyone thinks that if they just move to Hollywood or New York, their acting career will immediately blossom and you’ll be a star.

Wrong! You just need to know the right way to go about starting to be an actor, and you can start today, even if you live in a small city or overseas!

2. The process of learning to act for a film or TV role isn’t quick and easy.

Unlike your acting classes, you won’t spend just an hour on one script – you’ll spend days thinking about and preparing for your unique character and their wants and needs. Sometimes you’ll get the script the day before from your rushed agent and need to know how to work on scripts efficiently!

3. There’s very little money in Theater.

Unless you’re on a Broadway play (in New York or touring) doing West Side Story or Wicked, chances are you’ll make a LOT more money doing Film and TV! There’s a reason why many Hollywood starlets like Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan and Scarlett Johansson can pick and choose which commercials and movie projects they commit to. How much do they make? Much more then a regular actor who will make upwards of $50 – $300/hr of filming!

4. You won’t start as Lady McBeth or any other big role.

Unlike the pages and pages of script you’ve possibly carefully rehearsed and performed like Angels in the Outfield or a scene from the classic The Godfather, when you’re a beginning actor, you’ll be lucky (and happy) to get a one-liner like “Would you like some pepper?” on a major TV or Film. Actors and actresses are never really discovered. Most of them really do wait tables or work a part-time job before landing on a hit TV show!

5. You CAN make a living being a film and TV actor.

Many people give up on the dream before even trying – trying to sign up with local casting directors, trying to get an agent, trying to go to auditions. If you’re committed and motivated to becoming an actor, you’re already halfway there!

Now that you’ve dispelled the myths to becoming an actor or actress, it’s a great next step to check out the RIGHT way to becoming a famous working actor in Hollywood! Check out the The Business of Being a Working Actor for more helpful and fun tips!

Melissa Meyer is a professional Actress, Model, Coach and Author of How To Become a Working Actor. Browse her book at [] today!

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